My Plan

So I think I finally figured out how I want to do this. I want to kind like my daily musings from Monday-Friday, which will be under the tagĀ “A Day in the Life Of…”. Then for really bad days where I just want to complain or I’ll go insane will be under the tagĀ “Ranting and Raving for Sanity”. Which I guess leaves the weekend for me to post reviews about educational websites that I’ve perused that will be under various different tags. I do also want to start doing some book reviews over the many teaching books that I’ve read (LOL) and I want to write out some lesson plans for activities that I’ve created.

Lots of ideas!

So today we were taking a practice STAAR test, and after we were finished we were just kind of stuck with the students. Which was awful. They didn’t want to be in the room any more. I didn’t want to be in the room anymore. But we’re all stuck together. So what evs.

I did get a chance to get out of the room a bit today for an ARD. That was actually a really good meeting. The parents were there, they were actually involved in the student’s educational career. They were educated about their child’s disability. They were awesome!

So overall a pretty good day.


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