Teachers Pay Teachers

As an Aggie, I’ve had it drilled into my head that you do not “lie, cheat, steal or tolerate those who do”, but as a teacher, the biggest thing I’ve learned is that we’re just elaborating, collaborating and borrowing.

“Ms. Jones made this activity, but it doesn’t cover all that I want it to, let me make it a little better!”

“Hey Ms. Smith, this resource book costs $10, and has some really good stuff in it, do you want to split the cost and we can share it?”

“Oh wow! This resource book is really good, but you paid how much for it?!?!?! Oh can I borrow it for a few minutes to make some copies? I only want this page, not the whole book.”

Let’s face it, we’ve all done it, so there is absolutely no reason to judge a fellow teacher for doing it!

In comes Teachers Pay Teachers

I’ve been wanting to make a post about this site for the longest time, but I have had no real experience with the site, UNTIL NOW!

Think of a huge flea market, where there are teachers from all around the world displaying activities and lesson plans that they have come up with. They have books that they have written, there are foldables as far as the eye can see, projects, rubrics, interactive journals galore! The best part, is that you have access to this market, and you can get there without even having to put on reals pants while you sit on the couch this Saturday stressing about what you’re going to teach Monday morning (because again, we’ve all been there).

What I Like:

  • can search assignments by subject, grade, and price
  • once you download something it saves it so you don’t have to keep an extra copy from year to year
  • they update you if a product you bought changes
  • free to join
  • free* to sell (*they do collect a fee, or you can make a professional account with a yearly fee)
  • if you find a teacher who has amazing stuff you can follow them and get to their stuff faster

What I DON’T Like

  • My first sale was for a $2.00 foldable, I only got $0.90 of that

I have a few things for sale if you want to check them out, or view my freebies!


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